Government Info during the 2013 Shutdown


Thankfully, the government shutdown is now over and most of the “free” resources we regularly access are back online.  We just want to remind you that we have a Government Information guide that will help lead you to available government information after the 2013 Government Shutdown at

The government shutdown may have impacted your research, depending on your research interests. If you depended on sites like the USGS, US Census Bureau, USDA, NASA, NLM (National Library of Medicine’s PubMed,, and you will have encounter messages like the ones below. While Willamette relies a great deal on e-resources from government web site, we still do get selected print materials as do many of our Summit libraries since we are apart of the Federal Depository Library Program.  We also have a great deal of electronic documents such as ERIC (Dept of Education) and PubMed (aka Medline) through our subscription databases. So while official web sites and search engines may have been down, check our library catalog for print materials, and our databases for electronic materials.



USGS Shutdown Message













Institute of Education Shutdown Message









NASA Shutdown Message