Getting a Read on Writing Letters

Please join us for a panel led by Monique Bourque (Director, Student Academic Grants & Awards Adjunct Professor of Environmental & Earth) this Friday, October 4th at 2:00 pm in the Library Hatfield Room. The title of the panel is: Getting a Read on Writing Letters. Bourque_F

Getting a Read on Writing Letters:

Old faculty and new–have you struggled with writing recommendation letters? I can’t give you more time to manage the process, but we do have a small panel of folks who write great ones, to help you grapple with that pile of requests for a wide array of programs and projects. Your colleagues will talk about issues of concern: making connections with students you might not know very well so as to be able to write effectively, getting a ‘read’ on the requirements of the particular program or funding agency, etc. We will discuss the problems and issues faced by recommendation writers, and perhaps collaborate on ways to get the best information out of our students! Join us for this opportunity to exchange ideas, strategize, and of course, kvetch (it is Friday, after all).