Digital Field Scholarship Outcomes

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For the 2012-2013 academic year, students at Davidson, Lewis and Clark, Muhlenberg, and Reed Colleges have been experimenting with digital field scholarship as part of the Lewis and Clark-sponsored Digital Field Scholarship Sandbox. In this seminar, faculty and staff from those institutions will share outcomes of the experience. Projects represented include:

Davidson College, Math Maps, Directed by Tim Chartier, Associate Professor of Math. Students create geotagged math maps as a service-learning project in a course on Finite Math.

Muhlenberg College, Documentary Research Storymapping, Directed by Lora Taub-Pervizpour, Associate Professor and Chair, Media and Communication. Students in a Documentary Research Course create a collaborative storymap that aims to capture the human particularity of places in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Reed College, Carbon Field Studies, Directed by Kristen Bott, Instructional Technologist, with Julie Fry, Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Environmental Studies, and Chris Koski, AssistantProfessor, Political Science and Environmental Studies. Students use smart device geolocation and collaboration to place issues of carbon sources and sinks in a spatial context via the Digital Field Scholarship WordPress site.

Lewis and Clark College, Digital Field Scholarship Seminar, Led by Dr. Jim Proctor, director of the Sandbox. Students are participating in an upper-division seminar, cultivating skills in geospatial fieldwork, analysis, and communication, and completing a variety of semester-long digital field scholarship projects.

This panel will describe how students in various disciplines have used mobile web-mapping for applied learning experiences and undergraduate research and discuss the learning outcomes from these projects.