Academic Search Premier

Academic Search Premier is one of those library resources that people really enjoy to using for their research.  They love how easy it is to use, and its wide range of coverage.  Whatever your research topic might be, you will likely find relevant literature whether it is in the social sciences, humanities, general science, education, or multicultural topics.

There are nearly 8,000 journals indexed by Academic Search Premier, and over half of these provide the full text of articles.  There is also an option to limit your results to only full text, which allows you to either save or print articles.

If the full text is not available, don’t forget to click the little red “Find it at WU” button.  This button searches Willamette’s catalog for journals we have in print, and if we don’t have it an interlibrary loan option shows up (it takes 2-3 days to get an article through interlibrary loan).

A nice feature of this database is its ability to limit results to peer reviewed literature just by checking a box (what is peer-review?).  Did you know that 3,500 journals in Academic Search Premier are peer-reviewed?  That is nearly half of the journals!  So chances are very good that you will receive high quality information within your results.

Is Academic Search Premier limited to articles only?  No!  It also includes select newspapers, magazines, trade magazines, book reviews, and a number of books.

One of the most popular and least known functions of this resource is the citation tool (screen shot below).  When you click one of the titles, an option on the right appears for citing the item.  You can copy and paste or export the citation info into bibliography management software like RefWorks.

If you haven’t tried Academic Search Premier before, give it a shot.  We’re sure you’ll like it!

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