When I was your age…

Please join us for the first colloquium of the Spring semester with Seth Cotlar (History) who will present his talk titled: “When I was your age…”: Nostalgic Representations of the Recent Past in American Children’s Literature, 1830-1850

This talk is part of a book project on “The Cultural History of Nostalgia in Modernizing America, 1776-1860.” I delivered this talk last summer and over the next few months I need to transform it into an essay for inclusion in a collection of essays on children’s literature in the nineteenth century. I focus primarily on Samuel Goodrich, one of the most widely-read children’s authors of the antebellum period. I pay particular attention to how he depicts the environmental destruction that has accompanied the rapid economic development of the 1820s and 30s, and I also discuss his surprisingly sympathetic depictions of displaced Native Americans.
The talk will take place on Friday February 1 at 3 pm in the Hatfield Room. As usual, cookies and refreshments will be served.