Featuring: Ethnic News Watch

Ethnic NewsWatch provides a rich collection of articles editorials, and reviews with a broad diversity of perspectives and viewpoints from the newspapers, magazines and journals of the ethnic and minority press.

You can easily limit your results under the advanced search option to full text articles and/or scholarly (peer-reviewed) literature.  You can also limit results to language or ethnic group. You can also limit results to language or ethnic group.

Helpful search tips:

  • Use “quotation marks” to search for exact phrases.
  • Separate terms with OR to find any of the words entered.
  • Separate terms with AND to limit results to all of the words entered.
  • Find documents which have the first word, but not the second word with NOT. (e.g. Internet NOT html).
  • The truncation character * can be used at the middle, or end of the word. (e.g. nurse* finds nurse, nurses, nursed)
  • Look for documents that contain two search terms, in any order, within a specified number of words apart with NEAR/n. Replace the ‘n’ with a number.  (e.g. nursing NEAR/3 education).

Some of the major subject areas:

  • Ethnic groups
  • Minorities
  • Culture
  • Religion
  • Independent press
  • Ethnic studies
  • African American
  • Caribbean
  • African
  • Hispanic American
  • Native American
  • Indigenous peoples
  • Asian
  • Pacific Islanders
  • Arab Americans
  • Middle Eastern Americans
  • European Americans
  • Eastern European
  • Jewish Americans
  • Multi-ethnic
  • Multi-cultural
  • Human rights
  • Activism

For comments or questions about Ethnic NewWatch, contact Joni Roberts (jroberts@willamette.edu).