Signing Off

I am saying farewell to Willamette and the Archives blog. It is both exciting and sad to say that my spouse and I are relocating. Exploring the Willamette University Archives and Special Collections has been a wonderful opportunity to delve into the history of the Willamette valley and dig for stories about Willamette’s fascinating alumni. The detective work in researching collections, and getting to synthesize stories into these posts, have been among the most fun aspects of this job. One of my favorite things in the Archives is Charles Larsen’s typewriter, on which he typed his history of the Chemawa Indian school. His history, and his typewriter, are part of the Charles E. Larsen Chemawa Indian School collection.  Charles Larsen

Among my other favorite pieces are the early newsletters of students in the Oregon Institute. Handwritten and distributed throughout campus in the 1850s, the Calliopen and the Experiment are fantastic glimpses into student life at the Oregon Institute. These are both part of the Student Publications collection.IMG_3375

I am sad to say farewell, but will surely be back to visit and see what other treasures have been uncovered.

All the best.

Ashley Toutain