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Use of Images

Archives and Special Collections is not granting permission to publish. For permission to publish, quote, broadcast, perform, or exhibit, contact the University Archivist. Additional publication costs may apply.

Digital Publications

Publication avaliable on the website Yearbooks (Wallulah), Student newspaper (Willamette Collegian), Alumni publications, Student handbooks – Arts, Catalogs and bulletins and alike can be download by page or whole issue.

  • At the top right of the page, Export will save the page currently being viewed. Maximum dimention can be selected depending upon the intended use.
  • At the top right of the page,to the left of Export, the PDF will save the whole issue being viewed.

Digital Images

When the desired photograph(s) are found click on the THIS ITEM button on the right side of the screen. Record the Identifier (near the bottom of the page). Send the University Archivist the list of Identifiers. An email will be returned detailing how to obtain the requested photographs.

Prefered Citation

[Identification of item], [Collection name], Archives and Special Collections, Mark O. Hatfield Library, Willamette University.

Willamette University

Mark O. Hatfield Library

900 State Street.
Salem Oregon 97301