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Access Restrictions

Archives and Special Collections provides equitable access to all processed collections. In accordance with standard archival practices, as well as relevant Federal laws, the following restrictions apply.

University Archives

  • University Administrative Records are closed for a minimum period of 25 years from date of creation.
  • Records of the Board of Trustees are closed for a minimum period of 50 years from date of creation
  • Employee records are closed for a minimum of 75 years to protect private and personal information contained within.
  • Student records are closed for a minimum of 75 years in accordance with the Federal Family Education Rights and Privacy Acts (FERPA).

During the restricted period, the records delineated above will be made available only to the office of origin, the staff of the University Archives, and officers of the University as necessary.

Special Collections

Access to certain manuscript collections or portions of manuscript collections may be limited in accordance with restrictions stipulated by the donor in the deed of gift.

Willamette University

Mark O. Hatfield Library

900 State Street.
Salem Oregon 97301