Online Exhibits

Online exhibits created by Willamette University students.

Coins of the Greek and Roman World

Ancient coins are rich in information about the ancient world. Deciphering this information, however, can be quite the task for a novice archaeologist or historian. This exhibit attempts to provide some essential context for the coins found in the collection of the Hallie Ford Museum of Art. Hallie Ford Museum Omeka Exhibit

Culture Through Currency: Antiochia ad Pisidiam

Archaeologists have been drawn to the Colonia Caesarea Antiochia since its "discovery" by Francis Vyvyan Jago Arundell in 1833. Antioch was a flourishing Greek polis that was adapted into an Imperial Colony of the Roman Empire. Cities used currency as a civic communication tool and political propaganda. Antioch's coinage serves to define the main religious and cultural identifiers of a colony. Hallie Ford Museum Omeka Exhibit

Cyberspace Scenery

The art of the Pacific Northwest has been a diverse yet cohesive movement since the first white settlers came westward searching for lush nature and a site fresh for industrialism’s claiming. This cohesiveness stems from the recurring subject matter of landscape, a tradition well-kept for centuries. Hallie Ford Museum Omeka Exhibit

Eunice Parsons and Process

This online exhibit explores selected sketchbooks from the Eunice Parsons papers collection in the Pacific Northwest Artists Archive. The exhibit considers the development of Parsons' more popular style through the lens of her personal sketchbooks. University Archives Omeka Exhibit

Late Antique Textile Fragments

This online exhibition covers the Late Antique textile fragments donated to the Hallie Ford Museum of Art by the Arthur M. Sackler Foundation in 2015. Hallie Ford Museum Omeka Exhibit

Myra Albert Wiggins Exhibit

This Myra Albert Wiggins online exhibit, drawn from the Pacific Northwest Artist Archive, was created to accompany a 2015 exhibit at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art. Hallie Ford Museum Exhibit

Salvador Dali: Alchimie des Philosophes

One of Salvador Dalí's most incredible series of graphic works is an artist's book entitled Alchimie des Philosophes, or Alchemy of the Philosophers. A copy resides in the Hallie Ford Museum of Art. Each page of this online exhibition is dedicated to one of Dalí's prints in Alchimie des Philosophes. Hallie Ford Museum Omeka Exhibit

Vernor Martin Sackett Exhibit

Presentation of select Vernor Martin Sackett Negatives, culmination of a senior history project. Note that this presentation is formatted for a wide screen touch screen display. University Archives Exhibit

The Libraries' support the Omeka platform that can be used to create online exhibits as classroom assignments or permanent online exhibits hosted in the Academic Commons.


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