New Titles in July

The Hatfield Library added 617 new books and 16 new dvds in July.

New Items Added in May

The Hatfield Library added 288 new books and 20 new dvds in May.

New Titles in November

The Hatfield Library added 698 new books and 31 new dvd in November.

100 Books Project

Recently, the Hatfield Library received the good news that we had been selected as a recipient of the 100 Books for Understanding Contemporary Japan Project sponsored by the Nippon Foundation. According to the Foundation, “the books in our list were selected by ten experts with extensive knowledge of Japan, and we believe they provide a basic introduction to contemporary Japan.”
Of the 100 books on the list, the library already owned 60 of them; the Nippon Foundation recently shipped the remaining 40 books to us for our collection.
The 100 Books Project has allowed us to improve our collection in the area of Japanese studies and thus improve our support of the campus wide interest in Japan. We are delighted to have been chosen as a recipient of this donation program and pleased to add these important books to our collection.