Thanksgiving Weekend Hours

The Hatfield Library will close at 3 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 23, and then reopen at 1 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 27. It will be open until 2 a.m. for those catching up on their homework. Normal hours resume on Monday, Nov. 28.

Noru Ka Soru Ka

Please join us next Friday, November 18th at 3 p.m. in the Ford Theater for the second Friday Faculty Colloquium. Music professor Mike Nord will present, “Noru Ka Soru Ka: Collective Free Improvisation with Music and Dance”.

Noru Ka Soru Ka is a collaboration between dancers Makoto Matsushima and Mao Arata from Tokyo, Japan and musicians Georg Hofmann from Zurich, Switzerland and Professor Mike Nord. Sharing a passion for collective improvisation, Noru Ka Soru Ka has developed a unique artistic language embracing the musical, dance, and theater traditions of Japan and the west. Their evocative work is a bridge between two cultures, recognizable to both while being exclusively neither. Nord’s faculty colloquium presentation will focus on work from the group’s newly released DVD recording and the artistic approach that underlies it.

How to Become a Successful Comic Book Artist

Join us on Monday, November 14th at 4:10 p.m. in the Roger Hull Lecture Room, Hallie Ford Museum of Art.  Artist Patric Reynolds will discuss the evolution of his work in relation to the comic-book publishing industry and his experiences illustrating for Dark Horse Comics), the third-largest comics publisher in the U.S.  

Reynolds attended the Savannah College of Art & Design and has contributed to Dark Horse Comics series titles such as Serenity, Hellboy, The Thing, Let Me In, and Abe Sapien. His most recent project is “Thing: The Northman Nightmare,” written by Steve Niles (30 Days of Night; Batman: Gotham County Line) and released digitally; “Thing” is available for free download (with registration) at

Lecture with Q&A to follow as time permits. This event is being held in conjunction with Prof. Mike Chasar’s College Colloquium class “The Graphic Novel” and is made possible by College Colloquium funding.

Win Cash for your Research Paper

The Hatfield Library is sponsoring its annual Research Award, with the winners earning a $500 cash prize.

The award will be given for a paper, in any subject, that demonstrates outstanding research using library and information resources.  Any student paper written in the sophomore or junior year as part of regular class work is eligible to be considered for this award*.  The paper should have been written in the current academic year; that is, fall 2010/spring 2011.

*papers done as the senior project but in the junior year are excluded

Criteria for Assessment:

  • Paper is well-written and well-cited in a style appropriate for the subject discipline.
  • Paper exhibits use of numerous and diverse sources of information relevant to the topic.
  • Paper shows a skillful synthesis of sources and thoroughness in the research process.

Student Guidelines:

  • Paper should be 10 pages (double spaced) or more in length, with pages numbered, excluding covers and appendices.
  • Please submit the paper in Word in 12-point font.
  • Please also submit a separate, one page description of the research process, e.g. what strategy was used to search for information; why some avenues of library-type research were pursued and others discarded, etc.

Students should submit the above documents together (paper and description of research process) electronically to Veronica Martinez,, phone 6312.

Faculty Support:

The faculty mentor who worked with the student during the production of the paper is asked to submit a separate statement that includes:

Name of student author:

Title of research paper:

Name of faculty mentor:

Course #/Title:

Also, please verify that the paper:

  • Was done as part of regular course work in the sophomore or junior year;
  • Is done in a style appropriate for the subject discipline;
  • Is well-cited, in line with disciplinary requirements;
  • Uses numerous and diverse sources of information including scholarly materials.

Also, please comment on the value and quality of the paper.

Faculty should submit the statement by e-mail to Veronica Martinez at

Award Amount:  Up to 2 awards of $500 each are available.

Deadline: All paperwork must be in by May 4 at 5:00 p.m.