Construction in WU Archives & Special Collections

Under ConstructionThe summer renovation continues at Willamette University Archives and Special Collection.

The offices  of University Archivist Mary McRobinson, Archivist and Records Manager  Rose Marie Walter, and Administrative Assistant Veronica Ramos will be  relocated on the first floor of the library during this time. Please  direct questions to Mary McRobinson at or 503-370-6764. Information will be provided when the archives is open again.

Below are images of the renovation process, so keep tuned!


"Swingin' It." A construction worker is seen in action swinging a sledge hammer.

"Ready to Swing" The construction worker pulled back, ready to demolish a wall with a sledge hammer. The archives had a wall of cinder block that was knocked down yesterday in order to change the entrance to the Archives & Special Collections in the Hatfield Library.

Silhouette of construction worker at rest.

It is fun to watch the silhouettes of the construction workers behind the walled off demolition area in the archives.

A closer look at the expanded area of the Archives and Special Collections.

Inside the expanded Archives and Special Collections. The pillars were originally behind the walls of the old archives.

The protective demolition plastic is down, and the structure for the new wall is up. This is the view from the double doors by the elevator and Hatfield room.

Temporary storage space of equipment and furniture from the Archives & Special Collections.

The view from the double doors on the second floor shows that the drywall is up.

The inside the archives looks much larger and functional already!

A closer look at the entrance of the Archives and Special Collections.



The pictures below are of the small renovation taking place in the library instruction room.

Originally the instruction room had a movable according wall to split the room in two.

The south wall and entrance of the instruction room was moved a few feet to make better use of the space. This is the new entrance.