Tips for Smart Printing #5


Tip for Smart Printing: Tip #5

Actually this isn’t a printing tip, but it is very enlightening!  Below are two charts which show printing habits at the Hatfield Library by the Willamette Community. These charts capture the printing habits of the Willamette community as an average week and as an entire semester (Fall 2011). Click here for a PDF version of this post.

During an average week, most printing is done Monday though Thursday with a larger usage spike on Tuesdays. Sunday is the most popular weekend day to print and is fairly steady throughout the day. Most days show a strong preference to print in the morning. If you needed to print something, especially large documents, the best days to do it are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Afternoons and evenings are also better times to print than mornings.

During the semester, there is a HUGE printing spike during the first week of the semester and mid-semester (note: the second graph includes the week before classes begin). It also shows that the first week of class and the week prior have the most single-sided printing of the semester. Except for the week of Thanksgiving (the gap below), printing is fairly consistent weekly.

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