Tips for Smart Printing #3


Here is this week’s Tip for Smart Printing: Tip #3

Store your projects in Google Docs for an environmentally-friendly peer editing!

Did you know that you can save your Microsoft Word documents in your Google Documents (Google Docs)?  Everyone at Willamette has access to Google Docs due to our campus transition this summer to Gmail.

To access Google Docs, log into your Gmail account, and click DOCUMENTS along the top left side of the screen.  To upload a document, click the Upload icon that is located next to the Create button, select the file you want to upload and then click open (see screen shot below). The file will automatically be converted into a Google Docs format that you can edit directly online, and download as a Word Document.

The beneficial aspect of Google Docs is that you can share access to the document.  Individuals and groups can either only view the document or be able to edit it.  You can also add comments to document without changing anything by clicking INSERT and COMMENT.

And here is a quick progress report for the amount of unclaimed/wasted paper that comes from the library printers.  Roughly 1/5 of the box has been filled with unclaimed printouts from the library’s printers. There is a natural spike around mid-terms and finals, so please remember to pick up your printouts!

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