Tips for Smart Printing #1


Here is this week’s Tip for Smart PrintingTip #1

Large documents and documents with images take time to print
… sometimes a really long time.  Try to be patient!

Large documents may not necessarily have a lot of pages.  Think about the digital storage size of the document.  For example, an article that is a three page PDF document scanned at high resolution may be 3Mb (megabits) in size, whereas a standard 20 page PDF document might only be 300kb (kilobits) in size.  Which one do you think will take longer to print?

Documents that are really large in storage size will naturally take a lot longer, so if you’re printing a thesis with a lot of images be prepared for it to take several minutes to print.  You might warn others who are waiting for their print jobs that your print out will take a while.  We’ve had documents so large that it take one minute to print just one page–and they were 100+ pages long!

So please be patient with your print jobs.

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