Awareness of Your Printing Habits


Starting in February, the Hatfield Library began a Printing Awareness campaign to show how much unclaimed and wasted paper is generated from just the four printers within the Hatfield Library.   We began collecting all of the unclaimed paper at the beginning of the semester, and throughout the rest of the semester, library staff will continue to gather unclaimed paper.  The paper left in the baskets next to the printers will be collected before the library opens each day and placed in the clear box near the 1st floor printers.  NOTE: This does not include any paper from the blue recycling cans or any other locations in the library.

It isn't a fish tank! This box collects unclaimed and wasted printouts exclusively from the four Hatfield Library printers.

Unclaimed paper box by the first floor printers in the Hatfield Library.

New tips for printing will be posted near the printers on a weekly basis throughout this semester and on signs near computers on the first floor of the library. Check back on this page to view all of the printing tips, and additional info.

Tip #1. Large documents and documents with images take time to print… sometimes a really long time.  Try to be patient!

Tip #2. Selective Printing!  Use print preview and only print the pages you need by entering in the pages that you need.

Tip #3. Store your projects in Google Docs for an environmentally-friendly peer editing! .

Tip #4. Use the Sticky Notes tool and Highlighter tools in Adobe Reader to take notes on the articles you are reading.