Fun Books to Read Over Winter Break

Before you leave campus for the winter break, don’t forget to grab a book to read for fun from our new Popular Reading Collection.

Look no further for something different to do during Winter Break that doesn’t involve academic work, Facebook, eating, or electricity.  It is completely free, and the best part is that you’ll enjoy relaxing with a good book!

Consisting of a selection of rotating best sellers and recently published fiction and non-fiction, the collection is located on the first floor of the library past the reference desk.  Browse the current collection in our online library catalog.

Willamette University’s mission statement includes the belief that education is a “lifelong process of discovery, delight, and growth, the hallmark of a humane life.”  Without a doubt, reading is a fundamental part of this process.  While the Hatfield Library is primarily focused on serving the scholarly needs of students and faculty, we also support lifelong learning and wish to foster a culture of reading through this new collection.

So before you head off for Winter Break, stop by the Hatfield Library. Normal check out period is 30 days, but as a special holiday bonus, books from this collection will be due the first day of Spring semester!


From the Mark O. Hatfield Library Staff