Faculty Colloquium: Lou

Kris Lou, Director of International Education, will be the first presenter in this year’s Faculty Colloquium Series. Lou will present on, “Student Intercultural Learning Abroad: What They’re Learning, What They’re Not, and What We Can Do About It”, Friday, Nov. 4th at 3 p.m. in the Hatfield Room at the Library.

Abstract: Study abroad students – US and international – are not developing the intercultural competence abroad that we expect. Intervention for intercultural learning in study abroad is proving to be an effective solution to this deficit. In this colloquium I will present a learning model (the Intentional, Targeted Intervention ITI Model) that is grounded in theories of student learning and intercultural development, informed by recent research on learning outcomes of study abroad, and reverse engineered to allow the learning outcome of intercultural development to drive the model’s design.

I will first introduce some of the theory that informs us about the nature of intercultural learning and provides us with the reasoning behind intentionally intervening in student learning abroad. Then I will briefly review recent research that confirms the theoretical predictions regarding intercultural learning abroad. Finally, I’ll discuss the ITI model together with an empirical assessment of how our students fare under this guided facilitation. I will also include data on international student learning in the US since the ITI Model integrates international students on US campuses with US students abroad in asynchronous learning communities, which empower the learner to function both as learner and teacher.