Magadan: the people and the place

A new photography exhibit on the Magadan Region located in Northeast Russia has opened in the Hatfield Library. Magadan: the people and the olace is designed to introduce the audience to this fascinating place through the art of two local photographers, Pavel Zhdanov and Andrey Osipov, as well as displaying some Soviet-era artifacts.

The photographs capture the everyday life of the Magadan Region’s inhabitants, views of Magadan and other regional communities with their historical era-specific architecture, from GULag-era wooden private houses, to highly decorated Stalin Empire buildings, to the Khrushev’s plane rectangular multi-story apartment buildings, and show spectacular landscapes and beautiful nature of the Northeastern part of the vast Russian territory.

Pavel and Andrey are popular Magadan photographers working in the publishing company “Okhotnik” that in the past 10 years published hundreds of books, photo-albums, magazines and brochures about the Region. In 2010 similar exhibitions were held at the University of Alberta in Canada, and Malta. The authors do not use computer effects in their art.