Faculty Colloquium: Seth Cotlar

Please join us on Friday, April 15, from 12:40–1:40 p.m. in the Alumni Lounge for the Faculty Colloquium.  The Colloquium will be presented by Seth Cotlar, Professor of History, and it titled What Americans meant when they used the word ‘democracy,’ ca. 1787-1800.

His abstract:

I’ve been asked to write an essay for a book entitled “Democracy from book to life: language and practice in the North Atlantic, 1750-1850.”  The book will explore how and why “democracy” came to be a word that was used with a positive connotation during those years in the US, Britain, France, and Ireland.  My job is to cover the American piece of the story with specific reference to the era around the Constitution.  I have sketched out a preliminary outline of the essay, and that is what I will present on Friday.  I’m hoping that the audience can give me some good feedback on the argument (as it currently stands) and offer ideas as to how I might refine or redirect it.

We hope to see you there!