Faculty Colloquium: Matthew Nelson

Please join us on Friday, March 4, from 12:40–1:40 pm in the Hatfield Room for the Faculty Colloquium.  The Colloquium will be presented by Matthew Nelson, who is a Professor in the Theatre Department in the College of Liberal Arts.
The title of the talk is: Embodied learning in academic applications: Dancing with ideas.

His abstract:

Movement scholar Irmgard Bartenieff stated that “movement isn’t a metaphor for expression, movement is the expression.”  In our every action we move our ideas, and in doing so these ideas become realized as embodied knowledge.  As a well-formed example I will speak about my experiences with sustainability as an embodied concept, and how this interdisciplinary idea has found its way into my dancing, teaching, and choreography.  Additionally, I invite attendees to arrive with concepts from their own fields that I may be able to assist us to consider together from an embodied perspective.