Faculty Colloquium: Millen & Fofana

Please join us on Friday 2/18 from 12:40–1:40 pm in the Hatfield Room for this week’s Faculty Colloquium. The Colloquium will be presented by Joyce Millen, Associate Professor of Anthropology, and Amadou Fofana, Assistant Professor of French.
This week’s faculty colloquium is presented in honor of Willamette University’s 6th annual Celebration of Africa. The title of the talk is: Philoblidarity: A New Development Paradigm for Africa?
Their abstract is:
The popular uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt are but the latest and most visible of Africa’s movements toward self determination. In countries south of the Sahara as well, Africans are challenging old models of development and dependence while engaging each other and the rest of the world in exciting new ways.
Related to these new trends, Professors Joyce Millen (Anthropology) and Amadou Fofana (French and Film Studies) have a cautiously optimistic story to share which is based upon findings from their ongoing multi-sited research in the United States, France, Senegal and Ghana. In the telling of this story, they will address a few overarching questions. What new spheres of influence and technological advances are emerging to encourage this movement? Who are the key players in this momentum toward self determination? What obstacles remain in the way for Africa’s renaissance?