Faculty Colloquium: Frann Michel

Please join us this Friday, Dec. 3, from 12:40 – 1:40 pm in the Hatfield Room for the seventh Faculty Colloquium of the semester. This week’s speaker is Frann Michel, Professor of English, Participating Faculty, Women’s and Gender Studies, American Ethnic Studies. Frann will be presenting on Vampires, Addiction, and Octavia Butler’s Fledgling.
Her abstract:
Octavia Butler’s last novel Fledgling (2005), draws on long-standing associations between addiction and vampirism in ways that question the cultural condemnation of addiction and challenge conventional oppositions between the addict and the purportedly autonomous (and invisibly raced and gendered) subject. Unlike the gothic vampires of the past who might represent repressed desires, the blood-drinking Ina species of Butler’s vampire romance remind us that desires are not the core of the self, and the novel suggests that the possibilities for new forms of community and alliance may be enhanced by the acknowledgement of subjectivity as hybrid, divided, and changeable.