Faculty Colloquium: Andries Fourie

Please join us this Friday, Oct. 29th from 12:40–1:40 pm in the Hatfield Room for this week’s Faculty Colloquium. The Colloquium will be presented by Andries Fourie, who is an Art Professor in the College of Liberal Arts. The title of his talk is: Recycled Material Sculpture in Namibia.
His abstract:
This past summer I taught two week-long recycled material sculpture workshops in Namibia as part of the U.S. State Department’s Cultural Envoy Program, and with support from the Willamette University Center for Sustainable Communities, the Namibian Government’s Department of Youth, Culture and National Service, the University of Namibia and The College of the Arts in Windhoek. The two workshops (one in the capitol, Windhoek and the other in the rural, northern village of Outapi) were designed to teach the concepts and techniques of recycled material sculpture to the national government’s regional arts coordinators, so that they could in turn teach them to students at youth centers across the country. While in Namibia, I also conducted research that focused on the relationship between various Namibian communities and the land they live on or come from. In the process I interviewed Namibians of Nama, Damara, Coloured, Caprivi, Herero, Ovambo, Afrikaans and English descent, and traveled extensively in Hereroland, Damaraland and along the Skeleton Coast. In addition to a report on the workshops, my talk will include a brief discussion of the role of land, land ownership and animals in Namibian culture and identity, and will address current efforts to integrate conservation into Namibian law, agricultural policy and cultural practices.
Professor Fourie and Willamette librarian Doreen Simonsen selected titles for a recommended video/reading list for this week’s colloquium. These items may be found in either the Mark O. Hatfield Library or within the Summit or WorldCat collections.