National Endowment for the Humanities Grant

In August of 2008, Willamette University was granted a Level I NEH Digital Humanities Startup Grant to fund work that explores the integration digital repositories and multimedia authoring tools, specifically the CONTENTdm digital asset management system used on this Academic Commons site, and Pachyderm 2.0, an open source authoring application.
Software development — a repository Open Service Interface Definition for CONTENTdm and integration of this service with Pachyderm 2.0 — is at the center of the Willamette University Startup Grant project. A significant work of digital scholarship will guide and inform this software development activity. The Hallie Ford Museum, the Willamette University Archives, and Professor Roger Hull will create a multimedia presentation describing the work of a Pacific Northwest artist, Carl Hall (1921-1996), from museum and archival digital content.
The project’s overall goal is to enhance the ability of scholars and students to work with digital repository content.
Jeff Kahn, Joshua Archer, and Terry Reese are consultants for software development. Jonathan Bucci (Collection Curator, Hallie Ford Museum), Elizabeth Garrison (Education Coordinator, Hallie Ford Museum), Mary McKay (University Archivist), Roger Hull (Professor of Art History), and Michael Spalti (Hatfield Library) round out the project team.